Hi, my name is Kristina.

I’m a Senior Product Designer with a marketing background.

Kristina Volchek | UX/UI Designer | Shopify & Webflow

What I do

UX/UI Designer | Shopify & Webflow

Product Design

Need help with designing your mobile app or website? I can create beautiful designs based on your content, or redesign old websites to improve your conversions and achieve your business goals.

UX/UI Designer | Shopify & Webflow

eCommerce Design

Are you a Shopify store owner? I can help you design fully custom landing pages, product and collection pages. Please visit my agency website.

UX/UI Designer | Shopify & Webflow


I've recently become a mentor at Dribbble UI Design Course. From now on you can learn design together with me and other mentors at Dribbble.

Featured projects

Multiple Sweatcoin Features

Mobile Design, iOS, Android

Sweatcoin is an app with 100M+ users that rewards you for steps. I joined Sweatcoin in May 2021 and since then continue creating amazing features together with the Growth Team. 

Each feature we work on goes through a lot of testing & experiments, making my work at Sweatcoin really dynamic and interesting.

One-page Personal Website for Freelance Marketer, Nicole Warshauer

Website Design, Webflow Build

This was a fully custom website that I designed from scratch in Figma, and then built in Webflow. The aim was to have a friendly, yet professional vibe. The site is very fast—with a Google Pagespeed score of 99 for desktop and 92 for mobile.

Nicole Website Design & Webflow Development

Recent Dribbble shots

About me

I wasn’t always a designer. In a previous chapter of my life I worked for large tech companies as a director of marketing - managing a marketing team of over 50 people.

In 2019, I quit my job, became a freelance designer and co-founded Alioned Agency. I wanted to help small businesses find their voice and establish a professional but friendly online presence. I love that my work really makes a difference for entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses.

All my design work passes through the lens of my experience as a marketer. I call it marketing design. It’s about analyzing the effectiveness of a design using objective marketing data - not just opinion.

eCommerce is a field where this is especially effective. I love that a thoughtful redesign can directly increase a store's revenue. Check out my article: Designing for Conversions.

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I love good design, photography, wine, travel, sport, languages and books

Certified with

If you need Shopify help

I run Alioned Agency, together with my boyfriend, Eduard (a web developer). It’s just the two of us, and we help small Shopify stores with setup, customizations, redesigns, and ongoing support. To see everything we have to offer, please visit our website.

Alioned Agency | Shopify & Webflow

Just say hi.

I am always open to discuss your project, improve your online presence or help with your design challenges.

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